2008 Reading (or rather Read) List

I am going to post a note about every book that I read this year. No real reason; it would just be interesting to learn how many books I read in a year – whether thay are new or old faves.

Just to let you, I strongly favour uban fantasy and alternate histories. Used to switch between those and mysteries… but life was so crappy last year that I started to stay away from mysteries. Needed some fantasy rather than anything closer to reality…

And who knows, maybe it will get me to get over my lack of self-confidence and start writing again…

1) Greywalker, Kat Richardson – was reading this as 2007 turned into 2008, so it still counts. Took me a little while to understand some of the explanation of what it was our herione was going through (oh, Ben… you are just too theoretical for me), but once I got it, very enjoyable. Interesting characters and situations… I want to know more about Quinton (who clearly has some interesting backstory).

2) Poltergeist, Kat Richardson – Got this delivered to me by the library before the first book (which I bought) and so had to read first one quick (which may explain why Ben’s explanations confused me) before hitting this one. Really enjoyed it. Once you get the hang of Harper’s world the wacky things that happen make more sense. Still… I guessed wrong on the ultimate villian. Ah well; hindsight made it make sense. Looking forward to next installment of this series


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