Man, I am just rolling through books…

Already started on my 8th of the year and I still haven’t touched the stack of new books I bought while in the States pre-Christmas (read a bunch of them while I was there, but still have lots to go through).

5) The Sunrise Lands, S.M. Stirling. Well, duh! Kind of hinted that in my last post on this subject. Enjoyed it… but really wanted it not to be the start of another trilogy. Love trilogies and all… but only once I have all the books in hand and can read them all right away. Patience? Moi? NON! So now I am waiting for the next one…

6) Falling Woman, Pat Murphy. Must have picked this one up at a garage sale or something because it was written back in 1983; you can really tell that in some of the phrasing, things talked about and the fact that everyone is smoking up a storm, LOL. I didn’t think it was quite the ‘psychological thriller’ that the cover promised it to be, but it was an interesting read.

7) The Dog is Not a Toy, Darby Conley. Hey, a cartoon book still qualifies as a book in my mind! I love Get Fuzzy… Bucky is so evil and Satchel is so trusting… yet so often disappointed (with comedic results).

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