The Monster Read-athon continues

Posting a mega list this time…

12) Magic Bites, Ilona Andrews. This is set in some sort of future-world Atlanta where magic and tech don’t really coincide – more like compete with each other. So one minute you are in a tech-based world where electricity and all works, and the next magic is the name of the day. Understanding that was the easiest part… still not exactly sure about the whole ‘vampires as ride-able bug-like creatures’ thing.

13) Revenant, Carolyn Haines. For a bit of a change of pace – a mystery! Despite suspecting whodunit almost immediately (and yep, I was right), I really enjoyed this. Fast-paced when it needed to be, introspective when it mattered. And the characters were very sympathetic. I looked Haines up and based on the back jackets of her other books, this is very much a darker turn for her. I give it two thumbs way up and am hoping for more.

14) Rogue Angel: Lost Scrolls, Alex Archer. This series is like popcorn; good fun but not too deep. I like the heroine, Annja, but it is getting to the point where she can’t ask a question without someone trying to blow her away for it. This one is case in point… there was so much gunplay you could skip through several pages of it and not lose the storyline. And the storyline in this one was pretty darn weak too. Usually the stories are pretty fun and at least somewhat believable… not this time.

15) Bedlam’s Edge, ed. Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill. A great collection of urban fantasy stories (heavy on the elves) by some great writers (some I’d heard of before and some new ones for me to watch). If you live The SERRAted Edge or Bardic Voices books, you’ll love these stories.

Right about then it was a few days before I had to go to the hospital for a procedure… and I was getting anxious and stressed. What do you do then? Fall back on your old faves by your best authors. So naturally I turned to…

16) Summon the Keeper, 17) The Second Summoning, and 18 ) Long, Hot Summoning, Tanya Huff. Huff is definitely my fave author, and I have always enjoyed the Keeper books (yo! Tanya! When is a new one coming out????). They are extremely well-written urban fantasies, that have characters you fall in love with almost immediately, situations that are scary… but funny, and extremely witty dialogue. You will never look at guest houses, angels, Kingston, cats or minivans the same way.

19) Music to my Sorrow, Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill. Misty is also one of my fave authors, and I was still in stress-soup so picking up another old fave was a must. I am very anti-organized religion, so this was definitely the book to read if you think that much of the tele-evangelical movement is a crock of crap. Of course I don’t believe that it is that way because of manipulation by Unseleighe forces (or do I?)… but manipulation is definitely at work. But I better not get off on this tangent…

20) Caught In Crystal, Patricia Wrede. Talk about old-school! Found this one (and the next) while unpacking one of my many boxes of books. Came out almost 20 years ago (and it shows). Still enjoyable though.

21) Witchdame, Kathleen Sky. Published over 22 years ago, I think in many ways this was a Deryni wannabe, owing to its calling on archangels and such. Interesting take on a pagan Elizabethan England (or Englene) though.

Phew! That is a lot of books! Even so, the pile next to my bed just never seems to get smaller. As I mentioned, been unpacking books so I kept finding old ones to re-read even though I haven’t yet gotten to many I only recently bought. So I have a long way to go yet… better get to it, hunh?

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