All I ever do is read!

The problem with deciding to record a list of every book I read is that I appear to have, unconsciously, challenged myself to read lots and lots of books. I mean I feel guilty if I am not reading! Like I am somehow cheating myself of something (what I have no clue). Weird, hunh?

Well, HA! I am not going to be controlled by my need to read! I had an opportunity to go out to a basketball game (Raptors vs Lakers… we lost, but dude, it was to Kobe Bryant! May be an unfaithful playah, but one hell of a player) and I went. I also rented some movies (Van Wilder, which I had never seen, and Zodiac. Also some TV shows) and watched them. I did errands. I went out for dinner. I was free! Free, I tell you…

And I also read these two books (sigh. I have no will power. When did reading become crack?)

22) Already Dead, Charlie Huston. Vampires in NYC. Heck, vampires controlling NYC…. very gangland. I loved the diversity of the types of groups: corporate uptown-ers; 60s radicals, motorcycle gang-ers, tai chi higher being-seeking vamps, gangstah vamps… and of course our hero, a well-connected ‘rogue’ just trying to find his way in the world. And what a fucked-up world it is. This story will suck you in, turn your stomach, and yet leave you wanting more. Which is why…

23) No Dominion, Charlie Huston. In the first book the Harlem gangstah vamps are just acknowledged – here you get to meet them. And if you thought the other factions were messy… I think I learnt more about the ins and outs of how to ruthlessly maintain power from this book than four years of poli sci at university. Okay, so maybe not, but it was still an education on backroom dealing.

Okay, off to try and convince myself that I have a life outside of reading (just let me finish the one I am reading now…)


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