It’s all gone

It’s gone. My laptop is dead and there is no way to retrieve ANY of my data.

100% total hard drive failure.

Everything on that computer is gone. My entire novel, all my WIPs, all my emails, my contact lists, everything.

My entire life.

And before you ask, yes I have some backups but not an entire one. The USB drive on the machine had been acting up, so while I have some of that stuff, I am missing great, gaping tracts of it. Stuff that cannot be retrieved, must be recreated.

I am so fucked.


2 thoughts on “It’s all gone

  1. John is correct. I worked in IT and software programming for years and everything leaves a digital fingerprint on a computer, even if the computer is reformatted, flushed down the toilet, ran over by a car, etc. Don’t try one of those places like Best Buy or anything. I asked a person in the tech dept at best Buy where the 3 1/2 inch discs were and he said there was no such thing. Tried to tell me there used to be a 5 inch floppy and directed me to that. Of course it was the 3 1/2 inch disc. {rolling my eyes}

    Good luck with the PC. Try my trick – not only do I back up often, I also have my manuscripts on flash drives.

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