My name is Kat and I am a Canadian book-aholic. From the first time I picked up Tolkein I have been hooked on reading fantasy and speculative fiction. I also read mysteries, science fiction and the occasion history book. My idea of a great night? Curling up with a great fantasy book.

I have read a lot of high fantasy – the Tolkeins, Gavriel Kays and Kennealy-Morrisons of the world – but am currently on a major urban fantasy kick. Perhaps I am too stuck in ‘real life’ right now and that is why I want to see it jazzed up with some supernatural-ity. So that is the area I’ll write most about, though I will also pop in the occasional alternate history book. There may even be some mystery happening (need to ground yourself sometimes), but the vast majority will be urban fantasy.

Please keep in mind that some books I comment on may be considered ‘paranormal romance.’ I am not a big fan of ones that are all about the smooches but, as I said here, I find that some of my favourite books/authors get categorized as PR when I feel the book is a clear case of urban fantasy. I will always endeavour to clearly identify books that are listed as PR.

In a perfect world, I would love to be sent copies of urban fantasy books to review. For right now, I want to write a few more individual reviews of books I have already read before I start hoping (begging, pleading) for reader copies.

I can be reached at kat (at) dragonkat.com

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