Yes, I am alive

Been quietly reading up a storm and simply not posting my reviews. Why? ‘Cause I am a lazy person. Also, because I finish one book. Watch a little TV, then on to the next book. It is like I am stuffing all that UF goodiness into my brain, without giving it time to settle. I worry about my brain.

Well, I am going to try and do better. (Yes, I know you’ve heard that before)

Starting with this…

Yep, taking the challenge and planning on reviewing ’em too. Wish me luck

Oh, and I’ve already read two on the list posted on, however those are not the only 2012 books I’ve read. So will go through my “I read ’em” pile and see which ones are 2012 releases and will review those too.

Supernatural smackdown – all of September at Dark Faerie Tales

Supernatural Smackdown

Dark Faerie Tales & Parajunkee’s View are teaming up for the 1st Annual Supernatural Smack Down.

Your favorite characters are stepping from the pages in the premiere entertainment event of the year! Held in a super secret location, supernatural characters will put their talents to the test in hopes of winning the WORLD CHAMPION SUPERNATURAL TITLE and all the fame and fortune that goes along with it.

Supernatural Gladiators…fighting to the death…(or at least close to it – we don’t want to kill off any of your favorite characters) – winners decided by YOU the reader! Leaving YOU the reader to decide who is the biggest, meanest, supernatural BADASS!